Diamond Repair

We help you replace or repair your diamond if it's damaged or cracked. We have access to wide range of loose diamonds to provide a solution that will fit your needs and style.

Diamond Cleaning Scrap

When you have a diamond that's not quite what you want it to be. Let us turn that diamond into something beautiful, and we'll pay you fair market value for it.


Metal Cleaning Scrap

We've got a great offer for you. We pay you a percentage of market value for your precious metal scrap.

Laser Engraving

We offer a wide range of lazer engraving services to help you create beautiful jewelry pieces with the perfect personal touch. Our lazer engraving services can be used to add special messages, logos, initials, and even photographs to any piece of jewellery. We are able to work with any type or size of jewellery, including watches, necklaces, and rings.


Stone Setting

Our expert stone setters are the best in the business. They set thousands of our stones a day, and they always achieve excellence using the most advanced equipment and techniques.